What is a karate gi?

Posted on 28 March 2017

A karate gi is also known as karate uniform is made of smooth cotton and is also lighter compared to the gi’s of other martial arts like judo and jiu jitsu. Karate is known for its fast actions that require space and mobility especially with the aid of its uniform. It is also designed to be looser compared to other gi’s and less sensitive in washing moments. Since the karate movements emphasize more on kicking and striking using hands, elbow and knees, the karate gi must be light and loose to maximize speed and mobility of an athlete. Tight uniform can be torn easily and can prevent the tremendous actions that the martial art requires. There are varieties of available sizes for a karate gi so anybody of any weight and height can pick the best suited uniform size for karate practitioners to be used in karate sessions. There is also thicker karate uniform that some players prefer to wear because it is tougher and can absorb the sweat due to fast movements. Some also feels cooler when wearing heavier uniform but other find the lighter ones to be more effective during fights and sparring.

Karate gi have three basic cuts; the Japanese, European and Kata cuts. Japanese cuts have the characteristics of shorter trousers and sleeves and longer lapel to avoid it from covering the belt. The characteristics of European cuts are longer trousers and sleeves and shorter lapel. The Kata cuts have rare shorter sleeves. The common color of karate gi is white while others pick any colors that they like during sparring and informal fights. Females prefer feminine colors such as pink and yellow as their favorite karate gi during sparring.

Karate practitioners or karateka are very much interested on how they can save from purchasing the cheapest karate gi that they can find from online sports shops and sport centers. Discounted karate uniform can make karate practitioners spend lesser amount in enjoying their favorite martial arts. Spending too much for karate may not be wise especially if the there more important things that need resources.

Karate can be practice by almost anyone as long as they are physically fit and have the heart on it. There are schools that offers free karate training and are very much willing to train people who have chances winning tournaments and make their organization or countries proud. Karate is indeed a sport that can be practice affordably and can make the practitioners enjoys it without emptying their pockets.

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