Gameness Kimonos

Gameness has been a safe and secure kimono choice for quite a few years now. Since their inception in 2003, they have been the first choice for many schools and practitioners as a go to first, and last BJJ gi.

Gameness has everything you could want in their product catalog when searching for the perfect bjj gi for your needs. From their great starter gi's in the Air series to their luxurious Elite models, you will find something that suits not only your wallet, but your visual appeal as well. Gameness is the original brand that created the name "Pearl Weave" based off their Pearl Gi model. The Gameness Feather also contains a pearl weave material. If you are looking for a VERY strong and heavy gi with a super thick firm collar, be sure to check out the Gameness Platinum Gi.

Some of the top competitors choose Gameness gi's over the rest. Caio Terra, Rolles Gracie, and Osvaldo Queixinho just to name a few. Many more have chosen their Jiu-Jitsu uniforms over the years and if the trend continues, many more shall in the coming years.

Search through our Gameness catalog below and find out which gi will be the best one for you!

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