Muay Thai Pads

Dedication and Proper Equipment 

Aside from being dedicated, or having the right frame of mind, to be an effective and successful Muay Thai practitioner (or combatant, as some purists would like to put it), it’s also vital to have the proper equipment to use while learning and practicing the sport.

At Kinji San Martial Arts Supplies, you’ll find a wide array of Muay Thai Pads to choose from.

You can select from a variety of Standard Thai pads, Century Thai pads with elbow shields, Extra-Long Forearm Shields, Curved kickboxing pads, and many other Muay Thai training equipment at Kinji San Martial Arts Supplies.



Pro Force

ProForce Thunder Leather Muay Thai Arm Shield (pair)



Contoured MMA Muay Thai Pads (pair)



Century CREED Thai Pads with Elbow Shield



Century CREED Standard Thai Pads (Pair)


Thailand is one of the most spectacular places in the world to visit. You don’t have to hunt for reasons. There’s great Thai food, terrific tourist sites, a wealth of history and culture, and of course, the number reason for fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) - Mae Mai Muay Thai, which is more popularly known as Muay Thai. 

The Art of Eight Limbs 

Muay Thai is a homegrown form of martial art in Thailand. It has the distinction of being recognized globally as the “art of eight limbs” because it not only makes use of the hands and feet, it also the knees and elbows. Practitioners and aficionados alike acknowledge Muay Thai as a highly aggressive contact sport, although there are also those who prefer to see it more as a form of self-defense technique.

You can’t “pick up” the proper Muay Thai moves from a manual, even if may be illustrated in great detail. You can only learn the technique by being trained by someone who is already proficient in Muay Thai. As a disciple of your mentor, you are expected to devote time, attention, and effort, in order to become adept at the technique.

Such dedication is necessary not only to enable you to overpower your opponent, but also to make sure that you are able to keep yourself protected from heavily damaging physical harm.

Physical Endurance and Strength 

Muay Thai can be taught to men, women, and even children. It is great for building up physical endurance and strength, with the overall goal of improving your health and fitness.


Muay Thai has basic techniques, the most commonly practiced of which include:


  • Techniques for punching – the jab, straight right/cross, hook, and uppercut
  • Techniques for using the elbow - horizontal, diagonal-downwards, uppercut, diagonal-upwards, downward, backward-spin, and flying
  • Techniques used in kicking - the push kick, the roundhouse kick (a move that’s widely associated online with the Hollywood action star, Chuck Norris, which is probably why most beginners to Muay Thai have a very high level of curiosity about this move 




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