Thai Shin Guards

Why Shin Pads are Important

Repeated blows or impact on your muscles and skin can make you feel immune or “calloused” to the sensation of pain. This is because the strikes will not only cause muscular inflammation; they can also deaden the nerves for some time.

When these things happen, you’ll have a hard time determining just how much pain you are actually experiencing. That reaction can have adverse effects, specially if you continue fighting without finding out your true condition.

Kinji San Martial Arts Supplies can help you avoid going through such a complication. With an appreciable range of  Muay Thau Shin Guards and instep guards, you can protect yourself better and have more opportunities to focus in exceling.



Century CREED MMA Instep Shinguards



Century CREED Traditional Instep Shinguards



FUJI Sports Pro Performance Shinguard


Pro Force

Thunder Muay Thai Shin Guards




Being an intense and high-contact sport, Muay Thai requires its practitioners and/or anyone who is training in it to have full protection for all body parts that are exposed during a MMA fight.

Muay Thai is very aggressive, and the possibility of getting hurt during skirmishes is not remote, particularly if you have not been able to train well, you are distracted, or you don’t have on the proper protective gear.

Lack of Training

If you are deadset on mastering an all-out contact sport, then you need to allot plenty of time and effort to make your goals a reality. Sporadic sessions will never be enough. There’s really a strong need to put in much time in training in order to have a good grasp of the technique.

Dedicated training also helps you to stay in top physical condition. Fitness if crucial if you want to excel in this martial art.

Also, being serious about training will help you learn more not only about offensive moves, but just as importantly, defensive moves that can be the difference between a broken arm or shin, and just some aching muscles.


As mentioned, Muay Thai is an aggressive contact sport. Aggression is built-in to the technique. As such, you should make it a point to never lose your focus during a training or practice session.

Remember, your training partner – or trainer/coach/mentor, as the case may be – also has to pour total focus on what is happening. If your trainer/training partner cannot afford to be distracted by anything at all, then neither should you. Or else, you will be at the losing or hurting end.


Proper Protective Gear

In general, the most commonly required protective gear would consist of boxing gloves, head guards, shin guards, and/or shin pads.




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