Free Standing Bags

Free standing punching and kicking bags are an excellent way for a martial artist to practice putting power behind them when there is no instructor present to help.

Their small size makes them ideal to be set up in a home, which allows the martial artist to continue their training even when not in a dojo. The weight in the bottom of free standing bags makes them stand as a still target, while still giving enough to make the throws feel real. Free standing bags are even for people who do not practice any form of martial arts. They are an exceptional way to release stress after a long day, or to strengthen your muscles. has the Best Variety of Free standing bags to choose from. Great for Boxing, Kickboxing, karate, tae kwon do and Kung fu kicks. The best selling ones for juniors is the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster & for students 8 years up, we recommend the Century Xxl Wavemaster.


Cornerman Heavy Bag Stand - Free ship/handling


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