Jiu-Jitsu Gear

Here at Kinji San you will find many top selling well known jiu-jitsu brands.  Brands such as Kingz, Maeda, Tatami Fight Wear, Fuji, Ronin, Atama, Koral, Bull Terrier & Venum are just a handful of brand we offer that are known world wide.  Various gi weights from summer/light/ultra light to double weave are offered.  Most are pre-shrunk which means that minimal shrinkage will happen (less than 1.5%). Majority of the bjj gis we offer are IBJJF regulated.

We also have many gi brand matching bjj belts.  You can check out the Bjj belts page to view or wide selection of jiujitsu belts.

Be sure to check out our Jiu-jitsu No-gi pages - rash guards, spats, & shorts.  There you will find items that are IBJJF approved along with other cool nicely designed Bjj gear.


Fuji Ice Grappling Shorts



Fuji Mount Grappling Shorts



Kingz KGZ Grappling Shorts



RDX R3 Revenge Series MMA Shorts


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