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No matter if you are a beginner to the sport of Karate, or a master black belt, you are going to need a good gi. While it is acceptable to practice in street clothes, a gi is a often required in most formal karate classes to show respect to your teacher. A good gi is essential for tournament sport. We have a large variety of gi’s, including brands like Century & Proforce, as well as higher end quality karate uniforms created for Top karate competitiors by companies like Ronin Brand, Shureido, Tokaido, and Toyo.

Choosing the right gi Before you start searching for your first karate uniform, you should check with your dojo to see if they have any uniform requirements. A lot of dojos are having their students purchase distinct gi’s in order to set them apart from the competition. The traditional gi is white on white, but there are also other colors and patches available. This is why it is a good idea to check with your instructor before purchasing your first gi.

The right quality

As it pertains to karate uniforms, there are three different weights.

  • Lightweight
  • Medium weight
  • Heavyweight

The lightweight karate gi is perfect for beginners, as it is generally the least expensive uniform available. Beginners who start at a karate dojo may discover that they are unable to continue the classes, so buying cheaper is better at first. The lightweight gi is meant to keep the wearer cool during training, and to be durable enough to hold up to the first few belts in karate. Keep in mind, though, if you are more advanced and are doing a lot of grappling, the lightweight gi may not last very long.

The most versatile uniform weight has to be the Medium weight. This rugged weight is built to withstand serious abuse. It also is meant to soak up the sweat that you burn off efficiently. The medium weight fabric is designed to keep the practitioner cool in a variety of different weather situations. Overall, the medium weight is generally the best value for your money.

Made of duck or brushed canvas fabric, the Heavy weight Karate Gi offers an unbeatable comfort that simply cannot be found with other weights. The heavy weight uniform is considered to be the “master’s choice” of uniform and is the preferred uniform for tournament competition. Because this style is sturdier than the other weights, it makes a crisp “snap” sound with a well-executed punch or kick. The look and sound of the heavy weight makes it the best uniform to wear to impress both the judges and the crowd.

Any of the uniforms that you find on our site are made of superior quality material and are cut to give a comfortable, loose fit so that any moves or strikes you make will not be restricted, but rather enhanced, by the fabric. Please feel free to browse our assortment of superior gi’s in order to find the perfect gi to meet your training and competitive needs.

Ronin Brand

Heavy weight Karate Pants by Ronin

From $31.95 - $34.95


Middle weight Karate Pants by Ronin Brand


Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand 12oz. Traditional Heavyweight Karate Uniform

From $65.95 - $122.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand Lightweight Student Karate Gi

From $33.95 - $59.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand Middleweight Karate uniform

From $39.95 - $87.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin brand Poly/cotton student karate uniform

From $35.95 - $41.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand Shiai Brushed Karate Gi -Blue Label - 11 oz.

From $119.95 - $134.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand Shiai Deluxe Japan Cloth (Blk/gold Label) Karate Gi


Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand Shiai Kumite Sport gi

From $0.00 - $75.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand Shiai Red label Brushed 14oz. Japanese Cut Karate Gi

From $99.95 - $129.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand Super Heavyweight 16oz. Karate gi

From $82.95 - $127.95

Ronin Brand

Ronin Shiai Karate Gi - Purple Label

From $99.99 - $129.95

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