The light weight karate gi is perfect for the beginner student. It is made of light, loose fabric that is meant to keep you cool during your first training sessions. If you have just started training, these gi’s will get you through your first few belts. Once you start getting into a higher belt rank, you may want to up grade to a medium or heavy weight. Light weight uniforms are not made of grappling or doing Judo. They may not hold up as well as a sturdier weight gi.

The light weight karate uniform is generally the best value for your money, especially if you are a beginner.

Here at our Light weight Karate uniform section, you will find good economy Beginner Student uniforms as well as High Quality Competition karate uniforms. We have numerous reputable brands to choose from.


Pro force

ProForce 5oz. Ultra Lightweight Student Uniform


Pro force

ProForce 6 oz. Karate Uniform (Elastic Drawstring) - 55/45 Blend



KI Light Weight 8 oz. 100% Cotton Uniform

From $35.95 - $49.95


Kamikaze K-One Kumite Gi - WKF Approved

From $133.95 - $139.95




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