A martial arts essential

Sparring is an essential tool to the practicing martial artist. Not only does it help you put into practice your forms and moves, but it is one of the only ways to practice self-defense in a realistic way. To have a good sparring match, you have to have the best in martial arts sparring gear and equipment, such as Macho, Adidas Tae Kwon Do, Proforce and Century.

To an outsider, sparring looks like two people throwing random kicks and punches at each other. To the insider it is an intricate chess game, where each move needs to be planned out in advance and every counter attack opportunity needs to be seized upon immediately. Strategy is extremely important during sparring, and goes far beyond wondering which kick or punch to throw. It instead is about wondering how you can manipulate the situation to give you advantage over your opponent.

Vital Gear

Sparring is an essential part of martial arts practices, and having the correct sparring gear is extremely important. With the correct gear, two opponents can attack and counter each other safely, but without the correct gear, somebody can get hurt. One of the first and most important pieces of sparring gear is the helmet. The sparring helmet protects not only the brain, but the ears and jaw as well. Without a helmet in place, a well placed kick can cause serious damage.

Sparring gloves and boots are usually the next most important pieces of equipment to have. Their purpose is to cushion any blow or kicks against the opponent, so that while the opponent will feel the damage, they will not be harmed by it. Shin guards are next on the list of important pieces of sparring gear. While some martial arts, such as judo and hapkido, focus on shin and leg blows, others, such as tae kwon do and karate, do not. It is likely if you practice a martial art that puts emphasis on skin and leg blows, that you will need to purchase shin guards. Chest guards are also available and important. A recommended chest guard is the Proforce Thunder Sports Bodyguard Chest Guard.

Instructors who are teaching self-defense courses, which are extremely popular among women now a days, will serve themselves well to purchase a full-body self-defense instructor suit. These suits are meant to allow the instructor to be able to get attacked by their students with out getting injured.

Vital Quality

Our high-quality martial arts sparring gear is meant to protect your body while you put the intricate moves you have learned into practice. Keep in mind what type of sparring you will be doing as you peruse our fine selection of martial arts sparring gear.


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