Tkd Tsd hapkido

One of the most recognized and widely-practiced forms of martial arts in the world is Tae kwon do. The literal translation of the Korean words are: Foot, Fist, Way. Tae Kwon Do is also called, in respect to its Korean name, the way of the foot and the fist. The art focuses on stinging strikes with the fist and lethal kicks with the feet. It is a martial art full of respect and discipline, and one that anybody can do.

An essential

A tae kwon do uniform is an essential if you plan on practicing the art for a long amount of time. As the sport becomes more and more popular, many dojos are getting out of the practice of having their students wear the traditional tae kwon do uniforms in order to go with the larger, commercial dojos, which are having their students wear tae kwon do pants with a t-shirt that has the dojo’s name on it.

The traditional tae kwon do uniform consists of light, cotton pants and a v-neck, pull on top. The pants can either have elastic waist or a pull-string waist. The lighter weight the fabric is, the more likely it is to tear easily. Light weight uniforms are great for beginners, as they are generally the least expensive.

The further you go in tae kwon do, the Finer cloth the fabric of your uniform should be. The Finer weight of uniform gives a great “snap” sound when a sharp kick or punch is executed, and is perfect for competition and great sweat absorption. Adidas Tkd unifoms have been well respected in the industry for their looks and comfort.


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