Dedication = Advancement

One of the core fundamentals of almost every martial arts discipline is dedication. Dedication to your life and to your training. A dedicated martial artist may want to have equipment in their home that will allow them to train when they do not have class. Equipment such as free standing weight bags, training mitts and targets, and body shields, can go a long way in advancing your training when you have them and use them at home.

Different Types of Equpiment

There are dozens of types of martial arts equipment floating around out there, but it pays to remember that the cheaper you buy, the more you will end up buying. Cheap targets and body shields tend to rip and tear quickly, which makes them useless. Higher quality, such as Century, Macho or ProForce, may cost a little more, but is guaranteed to last a lot longer.

Free standing weight bags are excellent for learning how to put power behind the speed of your punches and kicks. Their small size makes them perfect for almost any home, and their weighted bottom keeps them standing through almost anything. Not only are they good for a martial artist, but anyone can benefit from having a free standing weight bag in their home. They are great for gaining both upper and lower body strength, and there is no better way to relieve stress after a rough day then to come home and safely pound on a free standing bag for awhile.

Training mitts and targets are useful in learning how to accurately hit your target. No body wants a wild kick thrown during training or a competition, and a training mitt is a good way to keep that from occurring. During training, an instructor or fellow student can hold a target paddle in specific areas, allowing you to learn better aim and still hit hard without fear of harming your training partner. Training mitts should be used only by those who have some experience with them. If they are held wrong, the wearer’s hand can become injured.

Body shields are generally held by instructors, who have been trained in how to properly handle them. Think of body shields as a way to become a human free standing bag. It gives the practitioner the ability to use full force against another human being without harming them. It is best to have an instructor hold the shield, or to be trained how to do it, before you try using it on your own. A misplaced kick could end in chest or abdomen trauma for the person behind the shield.

The Right Quality

No matter which type of training equipment you choose to have in your home to help further your training, it is essential that you buy high quality. Remember, it is generally true that you get what you pay for, and if you purchase a low-quality piece of training equipment, it is likely that you will be purchasing another one within a short period of time.


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