How to find the best judogi for you

Posted on 28 March 2017

Judo artists must wear an appropriate uniform called judo gi to ensure that every action that the martial art calls will be performed without any hindrance from uncomfortable dresses. Judo practitioners can enjoy the sport better if they have a judo uniform with high quality and rightly fitted for them. The materials and style of this dress are inspired by the Japanese tradition when it comes to their historical martial arts knowledge.

For over the centuries, judo martial art is one of the world class types of sports that are practice avidly by numerous men and women who are interested with its movements and actions. Some are learning it for the goal of taking home some medals and awards given by tournaments and competition while others have the goal of using their judo knowledge for self-defense. Judo can also make our body benefit from doing it because it can also be a form of exercise that can make us sweat and release excess fats and wastes that are not good in our whole-being. Wearing a judo gi will help us perform the training and sparring with free movements and easier maneuvers.

The uwagi or the upper part of judo gi is made heavier than of the pants or the shitabaki. The reason why the uwagi must be heavier is that it is thicker in order to give more protection to the artist and also help in the absorption of sweat. The shitabaki is lighter to allow flexible movement of legs, being one of the most used parts of the body in the judo martial arts. Cotton is one of the common compositions of a judo uniform because it can give comfort and durability to the wearer.

A belt also known as obi can secure the uwagi in place and also symbolizes the skill level of a judo practitioner.

Avid judo practitioners will not only look for the best brand of judo gi but will also grab an offer for a cheapest judo gi that they can find as long as it passes the high quality standards for an excellent judo uniform. Many of these uniforms will be single weave judo gis. Most entry to medicore level judo players are wearing single weave gis. They are lighter, softer, & more comfortable to wear for everyday training. Affordable high quality single weave judo gi brands that are well know are Mizuno and Ronin Brand. Both brands have been around the judo industry for over 20 years.

Gi’s that will be used for tournaments must have the characteristic of a world class gi and capable in staying strong after several extreme movements of the fights. These thicker higher quality judo gis are usually double weave. Well known pricy double weave judo brands are Mizuno & Adidas here in the U.S. More affordable double weave competition judo gis are made by Ronin brand & Fuji.

Judo gi that is cheaper and discounted must be inspected carefully from any quality defects and damages before making a decision about a purchase.

Judo skill is one of the best martial art practices that we can learn so it should be partnered with a high quality judo gi to ensure that a fighter can make the best out of his acquired martial arts skills.

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