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Posted on 28 March 2017

The atama gi is a very famous uniform use in mastering the Brazilian jiu jitsu. Atama means mind or intelligence. Atama gi is indeed one of the most sought after products as a jiu jitsu uniform. It has provided durability, satisfaction and comfort for the sporty men and women in martial arts industry. Once we hear the term atama kimonos, we are reminded of clothing worn be famous and world class martial artist that we know. Wearing an atama bjj gi can somehow make us more confident in showing off our fighting skills.

There are different weaves and colors of atama gis available for sale in the selected sports outlet and online stores. As we desire to indulge wearing this kind of kimonos we are also interested about the cheapest atama gi that we can find out there in the sports market. Since atama gi is popular in the martial arts world, practitioners of jiu-jitsu are always looking forward in buying one as their own. The comfort and quality that it can offer can really satisfy the atama gi owner which can lead him enjoying more with the martial arts and all its movement.

Those who have atama kimonos should learn how to do proper laundry and storage so it will last for years or as long as the sport is enjoyed. This kind of dress should be washed separately among other kinds of fabric. Cold water is ideal for washing special fighting dress. Mild detergent soap should be use and it must be dried by means of hanging under the normal sunlight. Using a drier can weaken the fabric of an atama uniform and can also damage the collar. Bleaching any kind of stains is prohibited in a gi because it can ruin its quality and fibers. Colored belts must be washed separately with atama kimonos. The first wash of colored atama gi should include its submerging in water with vinegar for few minutes to help maintain its full vibrant color and must be washed separately with white gi’s. Ironing a fighting dress may not be required but we should take precaution in doing so to avoid ruining or burning our favorite atama gi.

While we are looking for the cheapest atama gi, we must check first the credible stores that sell gi’s and inquire for the price and quality of their atama gi. Some stores are just bragging the originality and composition of their atama kimonos yet in fact their products have low quality. We must be careful in choosing the gi that we want as we pursue the training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and mastering the skills in fighting using it.

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