Why Every Child Should Train in Karate

Posted on 28 March 2017

Too often, parents are relying on schools to teach their children character education. Frankly, many schools are not fulfilling this need. A school cannot teach your child discipline and self-defense. A school simply does not have the time and money to make that a part of their curriculum.

In today’s society, discipline and self defense are more important than ever. Children are ill-equipped to handle difficult situations in life without proper discipline and self-defense. Because many parents don’t have the time or skills to instill these qualities in their children, they turn to martial arts. Enrolling kids in karate classes is a great way to help a child grow emotionally, socially, and physically.

A lot of parents, myself included, worry about the safety of their children at school. Even at school, children are being bullied more than ever. In addition, other tragedies are occurring more and more in and around schools. Children need to be made aware that the real world can be dangerous and they need to be as prepared as possible.

Many veteran parents and teachers know that children are heavily influenced by those they are around most. If they are surrounded with other children who enjoy hard training such as karate, they will develop the discipline and strength of their peers. If parents don’t move their children into circles that promote positivity and respect, they may fall into pitfalls that many other young people do.

Karate is also very good for kids’ health. It’s really hard to get kids to exercise, but many kids become highly motivated by karate and have no problem training and working hard for hours on end. They can learn the true meaning of living a healthy lifestyle of training in karate.

One of the biggest problems is that there are karate schools everywhere. As a consumer, you need to be able to weed out (literally) the bad dojos and find a high quality dojo for you and/or your child. The most important aspects to consider are:

  • Safety – your child must be able to safely practice and do the exercises
  • Quality curriculum – does your child’s instructor just make up the lesson as he/she goes? Or do they have a plan?
  • Quality instructors – Your child’s instructor may be able to do fancy moves, but can they actually teach your child to be respectful and learn discipline?
  • Clean dojo – Check the restrooms and changing rooms. Are they clean or disgusting?

I hope this guide has been helpful in choosing a karate program for your family! Best of Luck!

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