How to Keep Your Child Safe at Karate

Posted on 28 March 2017

Many children never get the chance to participate in karate. These children never learn the value of self control and physical fitness. They also never get any of the psychological benefits of karate training either. Karate is helpful for children to escape dangerous situations. Karate is a parent’s partner in helping the child grow and mature. It forms an amazing foundation for future discipline in whatever the child decides to pursue in life.

And, believe me, it isn’t hard to convince a child to start karate. It’s far more exciting than sitting on the coach and much better alternative to letting your child play video games and chat on facebook for multiple hours per night.

Just like any other sport, karate requires specific karate gear to compete. Some academies will have equipment that your child may use while they are there, but, as most children are prone to do, they will eventually want their own karate gear.

Karate equipment gear is primarily important because it helps to protect your child. You want to make sure that when your child is performing specific moves or sparring in class, they are protected. When punching or kicking, you want to make sure your child has gloves and shin pads on to protect their body. Many children are quite frail and out of shape when they start karate and it is important to protect them until they get stronger. Even overweight children can be injured easily if they don’t protect themselves properly with the correct type of karate sparring gear. Accidents can, and will, happen and the right type of karate gear will protect them when they do.

Buying your child their own karate gear such as a karate bo / karate staff, wooden practice sword, and other karate equipment will allow them to practice their skills outside of the dojo.

The most essential gear for karate students include gloves, punching bags, and mouth guards.

Gloves will help protect children’s hands from being hurt during sparring and will also help to protect their opponents

Punching bags are a great tool to practice, but it’s better to buy nice than buy twice. Get a nice bag the first time and you won’t have to buy another one again. Mouth guards are essential to keep your child’s smile looking great if there is an accident at home or in the dojo.

This guide should have to well on your way to equipping your child to safely participate in karate! Enjoy your training! OSS!

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